heirloom Rice Powder


These  precious grains packed with nutrition have been recommended for not only prevention of illnesses but as a cure, the “CharakaSamhitha” (oldest of the three surviving Ayurveda treatises) and the “SushrutaSamhitha”  mentions the therapeutic value of these heirloom rice verities, further one of the Pearl  Islands most  noble Kings  Buddhadasa (341-370 AD) in his composition of Medical Treaties “Saratha Sangraha’’ illustrates the benefits of these grains.

Benefits  of Consuming these Herbs & Grains daily;

Builds Immune system and Fights Viruses and Other Infections.

Helps   foster glowing skin and luscious hair,  ideal to cleanse and heal the  liver, reduce/control Diabetics, Excellent for weight loss/control , Provides an extra boost of Energy & Strength., reduces cholesterol, Relieves indigestion and abdominal distension, Control gastric hyper-acidity, peaceful night’s sleep, fights Cancer Cells, Prevents disurea and renal calculi formation.

Excellent  for Growing Children and recommended for babies over 6 months old


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