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Let food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food - Hippocrates

Akshata Heirloom Rice

Unravel The Mystique of Royalty.....

Akshata Herbal Tea

Sri Lankan Culture in a Cup...Nutrition in a Sip !

Akshata Legendary Spices

Authentic Spices that made Ceylon the cradle of the ancient spice trade.


Products in this Category are with a money back guarantee if found cheaper in any Supermarket !!

Homemade Products

It has been around for millennia. Now it is we offer you Products that keep the Home fires burning

Akshata Sacred Herbs

Since ancient times, These herbs have been used as natural treatment to fight Viruses and other Infections.

Ceylon Ceramics

Molding Soul into Clay.. Handmade and Crafted passionately with the artisans heart poured into it

Eco - Fashion

sustainable fashion clothing brands that use Handpicked ecological Textiles minimizing the impact on the environment

Natural Beauty Products

Mso Normal Have a Healthy , Nourished & flawless complexion with a glow... the chemical free natural way


Sacred Gifts for those we care for Good Health, Wealth & Prosperity.


Exclusive gift baskets for extraordinary people...Don’t wait for that special day, just gift it

Natural Sweeteners, Flowers & Cakes

Life is the flower for which love is the honey

Doritos and Snacks

When you head says gym but your my heart says here 🙂


Healthy Beverages.. Gassy Sodas... its your Choice !


The best of both worlds. Store and web... COMMING SOON !

Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing

Poison-free food sourced directly from the Farmer

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100% Money Back

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Purchased Akshata Kuruluthuda rice because of the rave reviews, loved the rice flavor and keeps feeling full all day which has immensely helped me loose weight


I always believed in good food for a good and healthy complexion and skin, Thank god for Akshata and for making our choice easy


 It was a pleasant experience being part of the Akshata Suwandel Miss Intercontinental Pageant, I found the Rice to be extremely tasty and loved its sweet aroma


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We are the Sri Lankan supermarket leader in selling Traditional Rice varieties which are Non-Genetically modified. A significant feature of our  Products are that they have a Low-Glycemic Index while being rich in antioxidant’s.

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