Suwandal 800g


This Miracle Rice is well known to promote fair and glowing skin; Suwandel is  an Exquisitely delicious white rice with an exquisite aroma….Its translated name implies, fragrant 

Noble women of the  sri lankan aristocracy have  been enjoying  Suwandal  rice to beautify their face, body and hair for over a 1,000 years. Ayurveda doctors have been promoting Suwandel  for glowing skin even after Chemical depended Hybrid Rice was forced on to us… but now science can prove that their wisdom was well placed.

It is rich in antioxidants, minerals,  vitamins, and traces of pitera, ceramides, Oryzanol….. need we say more..!

some may wonder why we call it “Miracle”, well based on the research, this is the “only” white rice variety with a GI value of less than 60 while having more antioxidants in just one cup than 30 cups of green tea  !



“Akshata Rice is grown deep in the North of Sri Lanka where the soil is alluvial, chemical free and fertile… grown and cared for by selected farmers rich in tradition and heritage coming from generations of legendary farming families.The Paddy is stored for over six months in order for it to mature, before carefully milling, resulting in a deeper and richer flavour and taste like a vintage champagne with more nutrition and a sweet floral Aroma due to its 2-Acetyl-1-pyrroline content.

Harvested just once a year, the supper-grains requires specific weather conditions to mature and flourish. It is much taller than other rices, and so is prone to wind damage, chemical fertilizer and pesticides are replaced by powdered neem seeds, dried makra leaves, crushed coconut shavings, sap from the jak fruit, cactus milk, branches of the kaduru tree, bamboo leaves and riverbed sand, are all employed when required and appropriate to deal with any infestations. The Colorful collection is a powerhouse of Nutrition’s which combines ancient wisdom with a healthy quick way to enjoy your favorite rice dishes.

Akshata rice verities have a pivotal role in this long tradition and has been recommended for not only prevention of illnesses but as a cure, the “CharakaSamhitha” (the oldest of the three surviving Ayurveda treatises) and the “SushrutaSamhitha” also mentions the therapeutic value of our Heirloom Rice verities.”


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