Green Tea with Bee Honey


Why Consume Akshata  Green Tea  with Wild Bees Honey

  1. This is the first product in the world that Includes Wild Bees Honey and Green Tea in one Pack !
  2. Bees Honey is the most Nutritious substitute for white sugar. Its well known that Bees Honey contain a variety of phytochemicals which help neutralize free radicals
      BEES HONEY       +

  • 3. Akshata Green tea leaves do not undergo oxidation process that is generally used to make other Tea verities and  are therefore, considered to be healthier than others. Our  Green Tea is handpicked from the central highlands of Sri Lanka, comes packed with antioxidants that help combat cell damaging free-radicals in the body and boost the immunity system. Antioxidants like vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene that protect the Body Green Tea also has an active ingredient known as catechins that help in boosting metabolism which is needed to stay Slim and for weight loss.
  • 4. add an infusion of Bees Honey to your cup and we say there is no better Beverage in the world to help your Metabolism  increase fat oxidation !


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