Blended for Kiribath 750g



Milk Rice has a very noble and sacred tradition stemming from 2551 years ago where The Pathamasambodhi states that Sujata offered Gautama Buddha Milk-Rice, ending his six years of ascetism just before attaining enlightenment. Suwandal milk rice is still considered auspicious and is prepared for festivities, offertories, 1st day of every month (every Sunday in most catholic families), the first solid food for a baby and when a girl comes of age.

For over a Two Thousand years Milk Rice (Kiribath) was a delicacy of the Nobility, prepared exclusively with ‘’Suwandal’’ Rice for its milky flavor, aroma, stickiness, taste and health benefits.

Over the last century sadly, chemically dependent hybrid verities that give higher yields to the farmer have taken precedence for quick returns making the Suwandal almost extinct, but we at Akshata have over the past 8 years with much effort managed to source the Original seeds from Temples deep in the North where Buddhists Monks had preserved it and harvested it only for their consumption.

some Chemical Industrial Companies and modern farmer organizations have managed to make hybrids of Suwandal too for quick financial gain….. but Akshata Suwandal is sowed and then harvested by Akshata Farmers following sacred rituals and traditions using the unadulterated seeds that grow up to 6 feet tall !!

Akshata Rice is Hand Harvested and stored for six months in order for it to mature, before carefully milling, resulting in a deeper and richer flavour like a carefully crafted vintage champagne .


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