Beli Mal Tea with Jaggery


Beli Mal (Aegle Marmelos) has been used for Centuries as a tranquilizing herbal and as a natural treatment for emotional disorders. It also has a reputation to foster Glowing skin which we now know is due to its high flavonoids content.

Hence we draw our  Inspiration from a Princess  who withstood her adversities through mental relaxation. Sleeping by day and star gazing at night..

Princess Unmada Chitra was an alluring maiden who was prophesied to give birth to a son who would claim sovereignty over the kingdom. In order to prevent this her brothers imprisoned her in a tower, away from the male gaze.

The distraught princess spent her days living on dream after dream, patiently waiting for her liberation. Her hope kept her resilient till the day a young prince named Deega Gamini rescued her and the prophecy was ultimately fulfilled. Their son- ‘Pandukhabaya’ became one of the greatest kings of Sri Lanka.


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