For centuries, the Ashwagandha plant  (Withania somnifera) has been used as an aphrodisiac, to remedy general wakness and exhaustion. Evidence suggests that its rejuvenating effects stimulate female sexual arousal and enhance performance.

With the Ranawara flower sachet added, the combination is a purported stimulant for sexual behavior and fertility.  Hence the inspiration drawn from Sri Lankas most Ruthless and sexually active queen-

Queen Anula ruled in Anuradhapura from 47 to 42 BC, a reign filled with covert love affairs (according to the Mahavamsa, was said to have “taken her pleasure” from thirty-two palace guards), a series of murders (including Six Husbands) and lots of intrigue.

She was the first queen in Sri Lankan history to have wielded meaningful power and authority, as well as the first female head of state in Asia.


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